Program Indication Discovery Lead
Pre-Clinical Phase I Phase II Phase III
NMI-300 Ovarian Cancer
Phase I   
  /  IIa
NMI-500 Breast Cancer
Phase I   
  /  IIa
NMI-350 Ovarian Cancer
NMI-800 Glioblastoma Multiforme
NMI-2100 Cancer Stem Cells
NMI-3100 Cancer Stem Cells
NMI-4100 Arthritis

Business Development

In-licensing is an important mechanism by which NMI is building a diversified product pipeline. We continue to search for and evaluate highly specific / targeted therapeutic opportunities which may complement our existing pipeline. In addition to compounds with attractive intrinsic properties, NMI is particularly interested in candidate therapies for which the application of our targeted nanomedicine technology platform could offer the potential to derive unique insights into patient selection that may help inform clinical development and create differentiation from competitors.

We also remain committed to accessing the best technologies and tools to support our research and development efforts through collaborations and licenses. To supplement our own targeted nanomedicine technology and capabilities, NMI has entered into various collaborations agreements in order to access advanced tools for drug discovery.