Press Releases

Date Title
5/16/2016 Nemucore Medical Innovations Announces Appointment of Nicholas De Monico to its Board of Directors
5/12/2016 Nemucore Medical Innovations Announces NMI-350 ACOG Poster Presentation
5/11/2016 Nemucore Medical Innovations Announces NMI-500 ACOG Poster Presentation
4/18/2016 Worcester Telegram & Gazette: Nemucore contributes 1.1 % of Massachusetts Biomedical Initiatives' economic impact
4/5/2016 Nemucore to Present at Needham 15th Annual Healthcare Conference
12/14/2015 Nemucore Medical Innovations Announces Licensing Agreement With Pfenex Inc. Enabling Manufacture of Anti-Cancer Therapeutic NMI-8000, the Biologically Active Form of Mullerian Inhibitory Substance (MIS)
12/9/2015 Nemucore Medical Innovations Announces Appointment of Dr. Michael V. Seiden to Its Board of Directors and Clinical Advisory Board
12/7/2015 Nemucore Medical Innovations Completes Series A Financing
12/7/2015 Nemucore Medical Innovations Options Clinical-Stage Aurora Kinase Inhibitor GSK1070916 From Cancer Research Technology (CRT)
10/29/2015 Nemucore Medical Innovations to Present at the Applied Pharmaceutical Nanotechnology Conference
10/21/2015 Nemucore Medical Innovations, Inc. to Present at the 14th Annual BIO Investor Forum
9/21/2015 Nemucore CSO Dr. Barbara Davis Interviewed in Central Massachusetts Health Feature on Innovative Cancer Treatments
6/25/2015 Nemucore Summer Associate Program highlighted in the Worcester Telegram
6/15/2015 Nemucore Medical Innovations, Inc. Appoints Daniel E. Geffken as Interim Chief Financial Officer
6/8/2015 Nemucore Medical Innovations, Inc. Announces Election of Independent Director, James B. Farinholt, Jr
6/1/2015 Medical Prognosis Institute and Nemucore Announce Strategic Partnership
3/17/2015 Nemucore Announces Publication in Pharmaceutical Research
8/3/2014 Nemucore CEO profiled by Worcester Telegram and Gazette
7/21/2014 Nemucore Medical Innovations, Inc. appoints Bryan Costantino to Board of Directors
6/24/2014 Nemucore Publishes Research Article:'Formulation Development of a Novel Targeted Theranostic Nanoemulsion of Docetaxel to Overcome Multidrug Resistance in Ovarian Cancer'
5/21/2014 WPI Grants Provost Award to Student Team for Their Work at Nemucore Medical Innovations
3/25/2014 Nemucore Medical Innovations Presents at 4th Annual CCNE National Cancer Institute Site Visit
3/24/2014 Nemucore Publishes Research Article "Development Of EGFR Targeted Nanoemulsion"
3/12/2014 Nemucore Publishes Research Article, "Nanoemulsions in Translational Research"
2/10/2014 Nemucore profiled by Boston CBS Channel 4 News Anchor Jonathan Elias
2/4/2014 Nemucore Medical Innovations Appoints Douglas G. Bailey to Board of Directors
1/2/2014 NMI Appoints Dr. Barbara Davis as New Chief Scientific Officer and VP of Toxicology and Pathology
12/18/2013 Nemucore Announces Winning a $3 Million Grant to Develop Nanomedicines for Glioblastoma
12/12/2013 Nemucore CEO Presents at MassBio; Release of Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing Report
11/10/2013 Nemucore featured in Worcester Telegram and Gazette
5/8/2013 Nemucore Announces winning a Phase 1 U43 Small Business Innovation Research Grant for Multi-drug resistant Ovarian Cancer
3/14/2013 Nemucore Announces Gaining Support by MassDevelopment through $150,000 loan for Laboratory Equipment
1/14/2013 NMI's Dr. Torchilin Named Recipient of the Journal of Drug Targeting’s Lifetime Achievement Award by the Journal of Drug Targeting
5/19/2012 Nemucore Medical Innovations, Inc. to Source Primary Tumor Models from Woodland Strategic Partners
4/23/2012 NMI and MBI Host Central Mass Legislative Caucus and Worcester City Officials
4/18/2012 Nemucore Medical Innovations, Inc. Signs Letter of Intent with Xcellerex, Inc.
4/10/2012 Nemucore Medical Innovations, Inc. Hosts National Cancer Institute Visit of its Facility
4/10/2012 Nemucore Medical Innovations, Inc. and Massachusetts Biomedical Initiatives Partner to Develop Biomedical Research Space
2/12/2012 Nemucore Medical Innovations, Inc. and Massachusetts Biomedical Initiatives open new start up space at 55 Union Street
11/9/2011 MBI to open additional incubator space for life sciences
4/25/2011 Nemucore Medical Innovations, Inc. Receives R01 Grant Award for Novel Nanoemulsion Development
4/21/2011 Nemucore Medical Innovations, Inc Received MassEcon Recognition, Will Open Nanomedicine Development and GMP Manufacturing Facility in Worcester, Massachusetts
12/9/2010 Nemucore Medical Innovations Founder Vladimir Torchillin named among Top Cited Scientists
11/30/2010 Nemucore Medical Innovations, Inc Signs Lease with Massachusetts Biomedical Initiatives (MBI), Will Open Nanomedicine GMP Manufacturing and Development Facility in Worcester, Massachusetts
11/16/2010 Nemucore Medical Innovations, Inc. Awarded SBIR Grant for Development Of Novel Multifunctional Nanoemulsion For Imaging And Therapy Of Ovarian Cancer
11/2/2010 Nemucore Medical Innovations, Inc: Key Partner In Center of Cancer Nanotechnology Excellence Under An NCI Award To Northeastern University To Move Nanomedicine From “Bench To Bedside”
3/15/2010 NMI co-founder, Northeastern University Professor Mansoor Amiji wins 2 NIH grants on nanotech drug delivery
2/5/2010 NMI co-founder, Northeastern University Professor Vladimir Torchilin wins NIH grant for nanocarrier drug delivery